Terrific Carved Boxwood Sea Turtle Ojime Bead 10763

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Product Description

HAND CARVED Sea Turtle Netsuke / Ojime BEAD!! The detail on this bead is exquisite and gives you a real sense of this sea turtle skimming through the sea!

Boxwood is a small tree and shrub. Due to the limited size of the material, it is rarely used for full-sized pieces of furniture, but more often for small, carved objects or as decorative inlay. Boxwood is very durable and dense and its fine even texture makes it especially suitable for carving. Because of its extremely small vessel cells, the texture is exceptionally smooth and fine, and the surface polishes to a silky luster.

This amazing bead is delicately hand carved out of the finest boxwood by skilled Netsuke carvers and is individually signed. Each bead is unique and spectacular in its own way. The detailing is exquisitely executed down to the tiniest of details. The eyes are obsidian inlays. It is a three-dimensional bead that leaps out into the open space beyond. From any angle this bead is truly extraordinary. This rare bead will add personality to your custom piece! Don't miss out on this astonishing bead!!!!

NOTE: All of our beads and pearls are fully drilled for easy stringing unless stated otherwise in the description. We are direct importers and we hand select every bead!

NOTE: Images do not reflect number and size. Please see detail and table for information.

Quantity: 1 bead
Material Type: Box Wood
Size: 36x25.5x13.5mm
Color: Brown
Legend: One-of a Kind Signed Carvings!
Origin: China