SWIM! Carved GOLDFISH! KOI, CARP Domestic WaterBuffalo Bone BEAD 010310C

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Hand Carved Bone - GOLDFISH, KOI,CARP Centerpiece Bead!!

This incredible bone bead is truly unique. The intricate carving was done by hand, making each unique in their own way!! This bead will add character to any of your creations. It is drilled through body from mouth to tail so that it could be used as a centerpiece or even a stunningly simple pendant. Don't miss out!!

The material comes from domestic cow or buffalo bone; both are used as draft animals (for example, to plow muddy rice paddies) and are consumed as food. They are highly valued and are not dispatched only for their horns or bones; these have an incredibly small value compared with that of a living animal. Water buffalo horn and bone are obtained after death, and since the cultures from which they are attained believe in utilizing the whole animal, nothing goes to waste, and thus the animal is honored more fully.

This is a hand carved fish carp centerpiece bead

Quantity: 1 Centerpiece Bead
Material Type: Carved Bone (Domestic Ox - Bos indicus)
Size: 27to26.5x21to20x8to7.5mm
Color: Cream
Legend: Fish represent fertility, eternity, creativity, good luck, knowledge, trans
Origin: China