Sample of Ten Beads of Top-Drilled Creamy White Fresh Water PEARLS! 4762

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DIVINE~ 10 Top-Drilled Creamy White Freshwater PEARLS!

These beautiful freshwater Pearls beg to be used in interesting and original pieces as well as the more classical pieces that speak of luxury and elegance!! These sea 'gems' are complimentary to every skin tone. The background color on these pearls is a warm, elegant cream. Now imagine this covered with rich, thick, luminescent nacre that iridescences very subtly in lovely pale mauves, glowing sunshine golds and shimmering pinks! The nacre is beautifully clean and alive. The skin is highly luminescent and extremely thick with hardly a blemish to be found.

Quantity: 10 pearls
Material Type: Fresh Water Pearl
Size: 6mm
Color: Creamy White
Legend: Pearls bring healing energy into our lives.
Origin: China