ROAR! 2 Hand Carved Natural AMETHYST Bear BEADS 009252AM

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ADORABLE! Hand-Carved Natural AMETHYST Beads!

This is for the two (2) hand carved AMETHYST Bear Beads! Use these adorable beads to add that touch of extra charm to your creations or make the perfect pair of earrings for that BEAR lover! These beads are drilled through the body (from back to belly).

These are hand carved amethyst bear beads

ADORABLE! Hand-Carved Natural AMETHYST Beads!


Quantity: 2 beads
Material Type: Amethyst
Size: 13x18x9mm
Color: Lavender, Lilac, Purple, Orchid
Legend: Amethyst is said to help us conncet to our spiritual selves!
Origin: Brazil