Quartz Crystal Icosahedron Sacred Geometry Crystal |Healing Stone|43mm or 1.7"|

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Clear with lovely inclusions - full of power! Quartz Icosahedron, from Brazil, with lovely sprinkle inclusions - like a mini galaxy in the crystal!

20 faces (5 +10 + 5), one of the five Platonic Solids of the Sacred Geometry.

This shape is very good for mediation. And quartz supports clear thinking. The quartz icosahedron clears your feelings and helps remember helpful situations.

NOTE: Images do not reflect number and size. Please see detail and table for information.

NOTE: You will receive the crystal imaged.

Quantity: 1 crystal specimen
Material Type: Clear Quartz
Size: approx. 43mm point to point and 35mm flat side to flat side
Weight: 70.9 grams
Color: Clear
Legend: Quartz is a natural energy amplifier!
Origin: China

Metric Conversion:
1/2 inch = 12 mm
1 inch = 25 mm
2 inch = 50 mm
3 inch = 75 mm
4 inch = 100 mm
(a US Quarter is 25mm = 1 inch)

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