One bead of 0.51cts Padparadscha SAPPHIRE Faceted Briolette 5888B

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VIVID Padparadscha Orange/Pink SAPPHIRE Faceted Briolette BEAD!

This is for one natural sapphire faceted briolette bead. This sapphire has not been treated in any way! These gem sapphires are a beautiful brilliant orange/red with highlights of pink and gold. This is one of the rarest and most prized colors of Corundum (Sapphire's or Ruby's Gemological name)of high intensity.

NOTE: Your bead will be selected from all of those imaged

Quantity: 1 bead
Material Type: Sapphire
Size: from 4.5 to 5 x3mm (.51cts)
Color: Orange Pink
Legend: Sapphire is said to stimulate creativity!
Origin: Sri Lanka


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