Delicate Pink Dolomite Display Specimen - with Pyrite 10669C

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Product Description

Dolomite mineral specimen - with pyrite specks and the pink is a little peachy!!

This specimen is amazing! The pink Dolomite has specks of pyrite, which really brings out the luscious pink of the dolomite - even the rough has sparkles! It is cut away from the rough to make it sit beautifully for display!!

NOTE: You will receive the specimen imaged!

NOTE: Images do not reflect number and size. Please see detail and table for information.

Quantity: 1 specimen
Material Type: Dolomite
Size: 60.5x41.4x22.4mmor 2.38x1.63x0.88"
Color: Pink
Legend: Promotes peace, goodwill and harmony.
Origin: Morocco