Carved Dalmatian Stone Horse Colt Pony Beads! 9271DS

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ADORABLE!! 2 Hand-CARVED Dalmatian Stone PONY Beads!

This is for 2 ADORABLE Dalmatian Stone Horse Beads! The beads are beautifully carved and drilled through the middle!! Let these enter you life to give you an overall energy lift and as a guide on your spiritual path!! Don't miss these - they're ADORABLE! 

You can see this wonderful little colt resting at his ease!!

NOTE: Images do not reflect number and size. Please see detail and table for information.

Quantity: 2 beads
Material Type: Dalmation Stone
Size: 20x15x9mm
Color: Off-White, black and tan spots
Legend: These are adorable, just what your pony Lover NEEDS!!
Origin: China