Adorable! Blue Tigereye Cat Gold-Filled Pendant 509257TEBGF

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RARE!! Natural Hand Carved Blue TIGER'S EYE Cat Pendant!!

This is for a TIGER'S EYE Kitten & Gold-Filled PENDANT! This cute and cuddly kitty cat is beautifully carved!! Cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt much as they are adored in our lives today. They are the symbol of femininity and nimble prowess.

Let this adorable kitten enter your life to give you an overall energy lift and bring cheer to your day.

NOTE: Images do not reflect number and size. Please see detail and table for information.


Quantity: 1 Pendant
Material Type: Blue Tiger's Eye & Gold-Filled Clasp
Size: 21x14mm (Cat)
Color: Blue & Golden
Legend: Tigereye brings courage and determination to the wearer!
Origin: USA