Abalone Pink and Golden Mother of Pearl SHELL Carved LEAF Bead STRAND! 104321B

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EXOTIC Hand Carved Abalone, Pink and Golden Mother of Pearl Leaf bead Strand!

This temporarily strung strand contains 19 beads. These beads are a real find. The hand carving is exquisitely executed. Particular attention is paid to realistic curves and twists found in natural leaves!! You won't be disappointed in these finely crafted beads!!! The natural Abalone and Mother of Pearl used are exceptionally high quality. This necklace contains beads of Abalone, Pink and Gold Mother of Pearl!!!!
These beads will add the incredible beauty and healing energy of nature to your custom pieces!!! Each one individually would make a stunning piece! You will receive the actual strand imaged!

Quantity: 19 Beads
Material Type: Mother of Pearl/Abalone
Size: 23x12x2 to 33.5x19.5x1.5mm
Color: Multi-Hue
Legend: Promotes the highest thoughts and actions when interacting with others.
Origin: Philippines