40ct INDIGO IOLITE Faceted Teardrop BEAD STRAND 110355A

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NOTE: Images do not reflect number and size. Please see detail and table for information.

VIBRANT FACETED IOLITE Faceted Teardrop Beads!

This is for one 14.5" temporarily strung strand of NATURAL IOLITE beads!! This is a wonderful faceted teardrop cut that sparkles wildly! You don't want to let these magnificent beads pass you by!! These very rare natural beads will make whatever you design with them radiate with wonderful BLUE/PURPLE!!! The color is top quality, beautiful and sparkling! THESE BEADS APPEAR TO HAVE TWO COLORS BECAUSE IOLITE IS PLEOCHROMATIC. PLEOCHROISM IS WHEN A STONE DISPLAYS 2 OR MORE COLORS WHEN VIEWED FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES.


NOTE: You will receive the strand in the images.

Quantity: 51 beads - 40.75 carats
Material Type: Iolite
Size: from 6x3.5mm to 10x4mm
Color: Indigo Blue
Legend: IOLITE has long been reputed to open the doorway to our hidden talents!
Origin: Pakistan

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