405 cts! Pink Peruvian Opal Designer Bead Strand 109862D

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RARE GEMMY PINK PERUVIAN OPAL Pendant BEAD STRAND!  This strand has predominately pink beads with a few brown/grey dendrites!  Premium Opal!!!

This is for one 16" temporarily strung strand of LOVELY PINK PERUVIAN OPAL Pendant Beads!! This pink Peruvian opal is completely natural - not treated in any way! This bead is wonderful for adding gentle feminine energy to your creations!! PINK PERUVIAN OPAL speaks of the wonderful gentle side of the Divine Feminine. Opal is an overall chakra tuner! Get a boost to your pink energy with these unusual beauties! The color of this opal is a wonderful opaque cotton-candy pink to an angelic pale pink with touches of grey, black & honey dendrites!

Note: You will receive the pink peruvian opal pendant bead strand in the images

NOTE: Images do not reflect number and size. Please see detail and table for information.

Quantity: 14 beads - 405 carats
Material Type: Opal
Size: 29x21x7.5mm to 34x31x6mm
Color: Pink
Legend: Opal is an overall chakra tuner!
Origin: Peru