4 Shimmering Blue Kyanite 12mm Round Beads 5597

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RARE! Stunning KYANITE Round Beads! This is for 4 amazing Kyanite Beads!

These beads are wonderful for cleansing magic and adding gorgeous blue of communication to your custom pieces!! These are some of the most beautiful kyanite beads I have had the pleasure of seeing! These are the perfect size and shape to use solo or blend with other beads or pearls. These beads of lovely semi-translucent soft to deep BLUE KYANITE are simply stunning! Most beads contain beautiful displays of schiller!! Some stone energy people also say it is a perfect bridge or catalyst for combining various energies! Don't miss the absolutely beautiful and extraordinarily rare beads!!

This is natural kyanite!

NOTE: Images do not reflect number and size. Please see detail and table for information.

NOTE: Your beads will be selected from those imaged.

Quantity: 4 beads
Material Type: Kyanite
Size: 12mm
Hole Size: 1.2mm
Color: Blue
Legend: KYANITE is reputed to cleanse the area in which it resides!
Origin: Brazil

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