19mm Premium Tiger's Eye Carved in Hongshan Style Long Life Dragon Bead 4843B1

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This is one incredible bead Carved in liquid Flowing design that utilized the CHATOYANCE of the stone perfectly.  They are highly polished which adds to the fluid reflection of this treasure.  It is very hard to let these go as these are some of the most outstanding beads I have ever had the honor of holding in my hand. Another reason to treasure this work of art is that China is no longer carving in this manner.  What I offer here I purchased around 1999. I found it in our warehouse a few weeks back.

The Hongshan Culture was a Neolithic culture in northeastern China.  Hongshan sites have been found in an area stretching from Inner Mongolia to Liaoning and dated from about 4700 to 2900 BC.  Hongshan burial artifacts include some of the earliest known examples of jade working.  The Hongshan culture is known for its jade pig dragons and embryo dragons.  Clay figurines, including figurines of pregnant women, are also found throughout Hongshan sites.  Their carvings take on an almost abstract character reminiscent of impressionism and are easily recognizable as a neolithic piece of art..

This is an natural hand carved Tiger's Eye bead

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Quantity: 1 bead
Material Type: Tiger's Eye
Size: 19mm approximately
Color: Deep Brown and Gold
Legend: Tiger's Eye will bring light and magic to your life.
Origin: USA