1 bead of Fancy Color .46 cts Natural CONFLICT FREE BLACK Diamond Roundel 9892G

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Here it is! What you have been searching for! A Superbly faceted exquisite Genuine Black CONFLICT FREE Diamond Bead!!! These CONFLICT FREE Diamond beads will make a stunningly elegant addition to any collection. These beads are drilled for stringing but the hole is not large enough to fit over a chain. These beads have an amazing metalic sheen that glimmers!
You'll fall in LOVE with this enchantingly elegant bead!!!
This is for a NATURAL BLACK CONFLICT FREE Diamond Bead .
It has not been treated in any way!
BLACK CONFLICT FREE DiamondS also known carbonados. Supporters of an extraterrestrial origin of carbonados, such as Dr. Stephen Haggerty, a geoscientist from Florida International University, propose that their material source was a supernova which occurred at least 3.8 billion years ago. After coalescing and drifting through outer space for about one and a half billion years, a large mass fell to earth as a meteor approximately 2.3 billion years ago, possibly fragmenting during entry into the Earth's atmosphere, and impacting in a region which would much later split into Brazil and the Central African Republic, the only two known locations of carbonado deposits.
Imagine wearing a Gem that is 3.8 billion years old!

Quantity: 1 bead
Material Type: Natural Black CONFLICT FREE Diamond
Size: .46 cts (4x3mm to 4.75x4mm)
Color: Black
Legend: CONFLICT FREE Diamonds are said to access the highest good for all areas!
Origin: Brazil